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 [GM Event]Serpen64's Application to be a GM Event

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PostSubject: [GM Event]Serpen64's Application to be a GM Event   Mon Apr 25, 2011 2:58 am

1. What is your real name?
Mario, lets jump ^^

2. How old are you?
17 years old, im studying at a high school actually and gonna study in the computing domain(making networks, setting up comps, etc)

3. What is your main in-game?
Serpen LvL 80 Gnome Mage(Ally) - Full T8 (i think?)
4. Do you got msn? If yes, what is your msn?
Sure, Serpen64@hotmail.com

Now for in-game questions.

5. You spot a hacker! He was to fast for you to screenshot him! What would you do to handle this kind of situation?
I will check who is in the zone then see who could be cheating. I will investigate and try to get proofs, will tele to him by surprise, invisible mode. I'll also report any suspected player to any competent GM.

6. Someone asks you a question that your not quite sure how to answer, what should you do?
First, i'd say something like: "Sorry, not sure, brb i will get an answer shortly..."
I'd ask (or refer to) from another GM first, if no answer ill google or ask another player.

7. Before banning or kicking any player you should always do two things. What are they/what do you think they are?
Not interested in too much powers, please give (if you accept my app) me low lvl gm with spawning rights and teleing (i will make another account to avoid cheats Razz) so i can make events in differents phases/blank zones.

More question about your GM position

8. Why should we put you to be a GM?
For making the life (ingame haha Wink) of players less boring and more enjoyable. Making events is fun.

9. Tell me what you can do, to help server?
Animate the rude life of an adventurer.
I will make nice events for the players to enjoy 'em.

9a. Can you give me some examples?
PvP contests, fishing contests, skilling contests(getting up professions faster than other players Razz).
Obstacles Events... etc. There so much we can do, players decide what they want to play, i make it, and WE (the staff) decide of rewards!

9b. Will your rewards will be exxagerated?
Absolutely not. To ensure they aren't I will ask other GMs what they think about the prizes.

10. How much experience do you got as a GM?
Not so much but i've been making some local servers and something getting friends, so i know how certain commands works (even if the commands are different, they have similarities.)
Also, I once was a GM from a closed server (named BrainFreeze WoW) where we did a casino and a stair event.

11. My Disponibilities?
-> Weekends.
Why make an event Tuesday when everyone is at school? ^^
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PostSubject: Re: [GM Event]Serpen64's Application to be a GM Event   Tue Apr 26, 2011 7:40 pm

Good Application Accepted Smile(Kinda late haha)

Lmbah out
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[GM Event]Serpen64's Application to be a GM Event
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