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 Kaxelite's GM Application.

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PostSubject: Kaxelite's GM Application.   Wed May 11, 2011 5:52 pm

If there's a GM template, I'm sorry but I couldn't find It D: So anyway...
Greetings Everyone at World of Exotic's.
I'm applying for the Game Master OR Admin position for the realm 'World of Exotics'. My main characters name is Veliance, And my main account name is Kaxelite. I'm 16 years old, 28/03/1995. My time zone is GMT which is Greenwich Mean Time. I've never been banned before, And I play WoW about...8 hours per day, Every day. If I was lucky enough to be gave the game-master position then I'd dedicate at least 8-10 hours per day, Every day (Even on weekends).
- I was GM on Panther-Wow for about, two months, Which is currently down (Don't know If It will ever be back up).
- Head Administrator on Envision-Gaming wow for a few weeks but It is now down for maintenance and It should be back up sometime this week.
-And owned my own server Infiniti-Craft, But unfortunately I couldn't afford the fee for the hosting and sadly had to take It down.
I know all of the common basic commands, And I'm also rather well with the more complex ones for Trinity, ArcEmu and MangOs. I don't know how in any way I could prove that I know these commands well, Unless I showed them in-game. I honestly do think I would be a great addition to your team, And the reason for that is:
-I don't have a job or anything else to do. I've left school and all I do is play World of Warcraft. I spend at least 8 hours per day.
I think I should be picked because I'm a very easy going, humorous and honest guy. I like to help people a lot with bugs and other problems that they may encounter through out their time playing. If a player made a ticker complaining that they cannot use 'Hellfire' Then I would make sure that they've included it in their spec and learned It from their trainer.
If they have done both of these things then I would ask permission from an Administrator to give them the spell, Or If the Administrator could give them it. Two qualities that I personally think Is a need from a GM is that they should know their commands and have some experience of using them. Also, they should be respectful, trustworthy and reliable. The most important part of a gamemaster's job is to keep the server under control while the admins aren't available and help people, deal with problems and be as helpful as possible. I have played wow since the release of The Burning Crusade which was in 2005. So I've played World of Warcraft for 6 years. I've been playing Exotic-Wow for a day. And It's an awesome server and I'd like to help out. In addition to my application, I'd also like you guys to know that my internet has been acting up lately, So If I ever disconnect for more than a few hours It means my internet is acting up. But It should be fixed in the next few days!

Thank you for taking time to read this application and I hope you take it in to consideration. Yours sincerely, Kaxelite!
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Kaxelite's GM Application.
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